Kaipara Flats School Vision:

Every child succeeding in an encouraging and stimulating learning environment.

Principals Message

Throughout 2015 and 2016 our school has worked very hard to implement the recommendations of our December 2014 ERO review. I am thrilled to be able to report that we have now received our very favourable confirmed review and Kaipara Flats School will now return to a regular three year review cycle.

Our growing school of  96 (July 2017) children in four classes provides a supportive, positive environment where every child is nurtured and developed to meet their potential. Our experienced highly skilled staff care deeply about their children and go the extra mile to ensure their students are developed in every possible way. 

In 2017 we will be heavily focused on continuing the review of our curriculum documents and the way we implement the New Zealand Curriculum at Kaipara Flats. We have secured a further professional development contract with the Ministry of Education who will help us with this task and I look forward to this work being reflected in our children’s outcomes improving even further on our high level of achievement.

Kaipara Flats School provides a wonderfully rural environment and draws on a rich tradition with many of the families represented on our role being second and third generation, this underpins the very strong set of values that guide us as educators.

A feature of our school is the way in which our senior students care for our younger students and create a real family environment. The nature of a small school enables us to give all children a full range of experiences and learning experiences, nobody misses out, when we go to inter-school events we often take the whole school.

Another strong influence at Kaipara Flats is our very strong community involvement. Our PTA playing an instrumental part in fundraising and perpetuating the strong links we have to our community and to each other. We also have a strong parental presence within our programmes and in our classrooms.

Since arriving at Kaipara Flats in January 2015 I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Principal.

It is an absolute privilege to be Principal of Kaipara Flats School. 

Gary O’Brien