Reporting to Parents

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A wonderful advantage of a small rural school is that parents and teachers tend to have regular contact with each other. This can be useful in helping to inform you of your child’s progress in an informal way. However it is important that in depth times are set-aside for teachers and parents to discuss the students learning directions and progress.

Term 1 – Informal evening to welcome parents and children back to school after the summer holiday. The first part of this evening is used to share the Board of Trustees Strategic Plan for our school and to discuss our local curriculum with the wider community, obtaining their ideas around this. What is important to our community? The second part of the evening is spent talking to teachers about their expectations for learning behaviours, classroom routines etc.

Later in Term 1, we hold a Parent Interview evening, used to discuss any issues or concerns and to set goals for our learners.

Term 2 – Parents receive a written report based on achievement and progress in learning.

Term 3 – We hold a Learning Conversation evening when children share their learning with their parents.

Term 4 – Parents receive a written report based on achievement and progress in learning.

If there are any concerns regarding your children at our school, it is important that we are informed so that we can act promptly. Concerns should initially be raised with the class teacher then with the Deputy Principal, then with the Principal and Board of Trustees if there are matters that cannot be resolved.


KFS- Reporting to Parents