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Zone letter to parents_ Newspaper notification

The Board of Trustees at our school have been directed by the Ministry of Education to put an enrolment zone in place.

The changes are principally to prevent overcrowding in future years.

There are several steps in this process. The Board have already made a start and negotiated a proposed zone with the Ministry. I have attached the map of the proposed zone and full written description. The most important step is consulting our community and neighbouring schools.

If you have any questions, suggestions etc please feel free to contact the school and share your thoughts. We would like all submissions to be a written response.

2018.11 Kaipara Flats School Written Description (1)

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Kaipara Flats School 1324 – Proposed Enrolment Scheme Home Zone


Why are we now zoning the school?

The ministry sent notification to the Board of Trustees of Kaipara Flats School on 3rd July 2018 directing us to establish an enrolment zone due to the growth in the role of Kaipara Flats School.

Why has it taken so long to get the proposed zone out for discussion?

The Board and Principal have been working closely with the ministry of education since July last year to get the documents ready for establishing a zone. This is not a simple process and has involved multiple discussions back and forwards to develop a document for discussion.

Why is the Board proposing the zone boundaries provided?

When setting an enrolment zone the Board is required to consider whether the school is a “reasonably convenient school” as per s11B of the Education Act 1989. As a Board there were discussions around what area Kaipara Flats School has traditionally covered and where our students have come from, the existence of current enrolment zones for both Warkworth and Tauhoa Schools, and where our current community is likely to believe that Kaipara Flats School is a reasonably convenient school for them.

My children currently attend Kaipara Flats School but I am out of zone what does this mean for me?

There is no change for children currently enrolled at Kaipara Flats School. The enrolment zone will only apply for new enrolments at Kaipara Flats School.

I am out of zone and currently have a child attending Kaipara Flats School who has a younger sibling who I would like to also attend Kaipara Flats. What does the zone mean for them?

Out of zone siblings will be prioritised per the policy described in the enrolment zone. Unfortunately out of zone siblings of children enrolled at Kaipara Flats School will not be guaranteed a place.

I am in zone for Kaipara Flats School, does this mean my children must attend this school?

No. An enrolment zone provides the boundaries in which a school must offer a place to those who request it, however, a parent has the right to send their children to schools outside the zone, provided the receiving school’s enrolment policies are met.

Your proposed zone overlaps with the zones for Tauhoa and Warkworth School’s. What does this mean?

An enrolment zone shows the area within which a school will accept all students, however, it does not require a parent to enrol their child at that school. Where a zone overlaps with another school, then the properties in this space are able to enrol their children at either school directly, without having to go into the ballot for an out of zone place.