Principal’s Welcome

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Welcome to Kaipara Flats School

Kaipara Flats School is a State Contributing Primary School, established in 1878.

The school is situated in the village of Kaipara Flats, 12 kms west of Warkworth. The school is attractively sited on a rise above a spacious playing field, extensive adventure challenge equipment, a solar heated swimming pool and hard-court area. Kaipara Flats has historically been a farming area. More recently we have seen an increase in lifestyle blocks being developed. It is very important to us that we retain the traditional rural essence to our school as we grow. Our school is a decile 9, U3 school with six active classrooms and a teaching staff of 7.1 FTTE. The school roll currently stands at 117 pupils with further growth expected in 2019. 

Our school community is very supportive. Parents and whanau are involved in all aspects of our school from belonging to the PTA, to working bees, our Garden to Table initiative, input into learning programmes, sports and cultural events. We have a shared awareness that learning is a continuous process and that we should take opportunity to learn from every experience. Our community is integral to that process.

The staff at our school are developing the use of digital technology. Our Y4-6 classes use school owned Chromebooks and our Y0-3 classes use I-pads, which means that our teachers and children benefit from the use of digital technologies within their teaching and learning experiences. However we are mindful and careful of the balance between the use of digital technology and active learning.

The school places a strong emphasis on our school values, developed in conjunction with the community, staff and children. Our values are respect, inclusion, ambition, integrity and community. Together we defined these values and how they would live within our school. Respect: Students, teachers and parents respect each other, their beliefs and their right to a voice in our school. Inclusion:  To accept others, to be kind and compassionate and ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of school life. Ambition: Through hard work and high aspirations, as members of our community, we will achieve our potential. Integrity: Students, teachers and parents will display honesty and responsibility through their actions. Community: To have strong sense of belonging and responsibility to the Kaipara Flats community. If we follow the 3R’s… RESPECT ourselves, RESPECT each other and RESPECT our environment we go a long way to making our school values live at our school. 

Our school is part of the Mahurangi Kahui Ako (Community of Learners) which embraces 7 local primary schools and Mahurangi College. As our Kahui Ako develops, there will be a greater ability to share teacher expertise within that community and enhance learning opportunities for our children. 

Our school is populated by children from the community of Kaipara Flats and the Kaipara Hills, although we do have a number of children travel that from other areas to attend KFS. Many of our children walk to school or are brought in by parents and whanau. However, our school is served by two school buses under contract to the Mahurangi Transport Network. One bus runs to Kaipara Flats from Warkworth, and the other serves the Kaipara Hills. Our Warkworth bus is currently full and so we cannot accept any more students, that are not within our bus zone, onto our bus. 

I am very proud to be the Principal of Kaipara Flats Primary, with its rich history and traditions and to be working alongside forward thinking, proactive, caring teachers and support staff.

Welcome to our school!

Debbie Hamer


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