Covid 19 Updates

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12th May

Please have a read of the attached document. It is all about how school will be from next week. I have not had any further updates regarding the requirement to send children to school but we will be compassionate and mark the role accordingly. At the moment that will be ‘off-site learning’ as it has been for the last few weeks. It is important that you let us know if you do not intend sending your children to school. We do need that information, please do not just keep your children away from school. If I am sent any other information that differs from this, I will let you know immediately.

Planning for Level 2

8th May

Yesterday the Government outlined what life would be like at Alert Level 2. On Monday 11th May, they will announce when we will move to Alert Level 2. However, we remain at Alert Level 3.

Alert Level 3 protocols will remain in place in school for the week 11th May – 15th May. Only those children who cannot remain at home should be at school. We need 24 hours notice if you intend bringing your child to school to ensure we have the correct ratio in our school bubbles.

We have done an amazing job in our team of 5000000! Here’s hoping we move to Alert Level 2 really soon.


29th April 2020

3Wk 3 at Level 3

Parents – Wk 3 at Level


21st April 2020

Today we begin our preparations to move into Alert Level 3 but we remain at Alert Level 4 until next week. We need to collect information from all of of families in relation to children who may be attending school during Alert Level 3. Please remember that the government has said that schools will be open from Wednesday 29th April for those that NEED to be at school. (Where possible work and learning is to happen at home). This means that children who do NOT have an adult at home during level 3 can attend school.
Your children’s class teachers will contact you today to ask if your children will be attending because the adult(s) in your home must leave the house for work.
During Alert Level 3 children attending school, will be working on the same programmes currently being provided remotely by teachers and there will be strict protocols regarding physical distancing and hygiene in place.
I will be in school today to conduct a property inspection and to begin preparations for our return.

20th April 2020,

The New Zealand Government will make the decision whether we will move from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3. There are many implications for our school and  much speculation as to what that will mean for us. We will act, as we are directed to do, by the Ministry, once decisions have been made. I will send out an email and post on our FB page, once we have clarity.

24th March

We are living in unprecedented times as our country locks down in our fight against the Covid 19 virus. Time to be with our families and loved ones as we isolate to prevent the spread of the virus.

Teachers have prepared learning experiences and activities for your children to work on during the lock down. We have chosen to provide activities based around our school values and the Key Competencies, which will not only support their learning but also promote mental health. We realise that there is a disparity in access to the internet in rural areas and to suitable devices in our school community and so at this time have opted for a mixture of online and ‘unplugged’ learning. Contact your child’s class teacher directly if you have any questions regarding learning. They are making themselves available to you.

Top priority for all of us must be our mental health as we face the unknown. Please look after each other and take care.