Our PTA was formed in 1998. Meetings are generally held once a term and notification is given in the school newsletter. The committee is a very enthusiastic, valuable team within our school community and is responsible for organising social and fundraising activities. The PTA is a great way to keep an informed link with school happenings and the community.



Philippa Wech


Charlotte Walker


Kaye Collis


PTA Meeting Date

Next meeting Friday the 16th of September in the School Library.


PTA Meeting Agenda

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 26.8.16

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 29.7.16

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 17.6.16

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 20.5.16

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 8.4.16

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 18.3.16

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 18.9.15

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 28.8.15

Kaipara Flats School PTA Agenda 31.7.15


PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting 26th August 2016

PTA Meeting 29th July 2016

PTA Meeting 17th June 2016

PTA Meeting 20th May 2016

PTA Meeting 8th April 2016

PTA Minutes 18th March 2016

PTA AGM Minutes Feb 2016

PTA Minutes 23rd Oct 2015

PTA Minutes 18th Sept 2015

PTA Minutes 28th Aug 2015

PTA Minutes 31st July 2015

PTA Minutes 26th June 2015

PTA Minutes 22nd May 2015 

PTA Minutes 27th March 2015

PTA Minutes 27th Feb 2015

PTA AGM 27th Feb 2015


PTA Treasurers Report

KFSPTA Treasurers Report August 2016

KFSPTA – Treasurers Report July 2016

KFSPTA – Treasurers Report  June 2016

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report May 2016

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 7th April 2016

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 17th March 2016

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 21st Oct 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 26th Aug 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 28th July 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 23rd June 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 21 May 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 30 Apr 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 25 Mar 2015

KFSPTA – Treasurer’s Report 25th Feb 2015 


PTA Newsletter



Country Show Day Documents

KFSPTA Show Day Stall Comparisons 2015

KFSPTA – 2014 Show Day Stall Comparisons


Please contact the PTA via email moc.liamgnull@stalfarapiak