Kia ora. The Staff and Board of Trustees trust you will find this page useful. It is designed to provide information about the school and it’s organisation. Our school prides itself on the support and involvement of parents and the general community and the positive influence this makes on the culture of our school community.
Education is a co-operative undertaking. Home and school need to work together to ensure the children have the learning opportunities to encourage them to reach their potential. There are many opportunities to meet with the teachers and discuss your child’s learning development. We welcome ongoing contact and honest feedback throughout the year. Please feel open to share any problems, concerns or queries with us promptly so we may address these. This page will assist you in your role in making this learning partnership a productive one.

Board of Trustees: 
This is a governing body of the school. It is made up of the Principal, an elected Staff Representative and a number of Parent representatives. Areas of responsibility include curriculum, finance, personnel, property, policy and community consultation. The Board generally meets twice a term on a Thursday at 7.00pm. Meetings are public and you are welcome to attend.   

Enrolment: If you are intending to send your child to Kaipara Flats School it is a good idea to inform us beforehand. Children can be enrolled on their fifth birthday. Simple enrolment forms can be obtained online from our website or at the office. We will also need to sight a copy of a birth certificate and details of your child’s immunisation programme. Before your child starts school we will arrange pre–school visits so the induction is a relaxed process for all involved. 

Preparing your child for school:IMG_2365

Please help us in preparing your child positively and realistically for school.
Independence and social skills are as important as academic skills, as well as having a positive attitude to learning. 
All pupils at school are encouraged to develop study habits and skills at home as well. At the Junior level (Years 1 -3) a programme of regular home reading with parent support is most helpful.  As children move through the school levels parents can expect more varied study programmes including reading, maths, spelling and Inquiry activities. It is expected Senior room children will receive a weekly home study programme which will enhance the current classroom learning.
Parents can assist their child by encouraging a regular time and place for study. You can best support your child with patience and positive comment. If at anytime your child is unable to complete set homework activity, teachers would appreciate an explanatory note.   

 Absence /Illness / Accidents:

For safety reasons the school should be contacted if your child is going to be absent. Please telephone or e-mail the school office before 9.00am. We will endeavour to contact parents if children are absent without known cause. Please advise us, in writing, if pupils need to take medication during the school day. Records and medication are kept in the office.  Minor troubles are dealt with at school. In the case of more serious accidents the school will make contact with parents / designated guardian before any action is taken. An incident report will be sent home regarding any accident deemed to be of a serious nature that may require follow up by parents

Learning session times:
School commences (Learning session1) – 9.00am
Morning Interval – 10.45am 
(Learning session 2) – 11.05am
Lunch Interval – 12.30pm
(Learning Session 3) – 1.20pm
School finishes – 2.55pm
Bus arrives – 3.00pm

Bus Runs: 
There is a bus run that conveys children to school from Kaipara Flats Road/ Tauhoa Road, Old Woodcocks Road//Woodcocks Road and Warkworth area. A Mahurangi College bus runs up to the Kaipara Hills. This bus is also used by Kaipara Flats children. Current information on runs, stops and timetables can be obtained from the school office. Children are picked up and let off at the bus stop closest to their home. The BOT will only consider alternative arrangements after receiving a written application from parents. Parents collecting children from school are asked not to park outside the front gate where the bus stops. When collecting children from a bus stop please be on the same side as the bus to ensure children are not tempted to run across the road. If you wish to collect your child after school rather than have them use the bus to go home please contact the school at least half an hour beforehand. A note/ e-mail to the office would be appreciated if the arrangement is known before the school day commences. 

Change of Contact Numbers:

Please contact the school office if your address or telephone contact numbers change, as we like to ensure this information is current. 

Class Trips and Visits: 
Our school regards visits as an important part of our learning programmes. It is expected all children will have the opportunity to be involved in these learning experiences. Depending on the type of visit or activity, a certain adult / pupil ratio is required so parents may be invited to participate.
Parents are informed of all outside school activities well beforehand by newsletter or classroom notice. A permission slip will be required from parents for most types of trips.
The school has a policy of requiring all children being transported by car to be provided with a seat belt and that the vehicle has a current warrant of fitness. Depending on the distance involved a small charge may be made as a donation to drivers or to cover bus hire. This will be collected prior to the trip. School operational funding may subsidise the cost of trips where appropriate. For further information refer to our school policies on Education outside the classroom and Adult assistance available on the school website or at the school office.

Dental Treatment:
Dental therapists from Warkworth visit the school annually to check children’s teeth. Parents will be notified by the clinic if they require treatment. 

Health Nurse: 
The Health nurse visits school on a regular basis. If you have any concerns about your child’s physical, social or emotional health please contact the school.

Hearing and Vision Testing:
At age five children are tested for any problems in this respect. At age eleven boys have vision and colour vision testing. If you have any concerns please discuss with the class teacher and specific arrangements can be made. 

Leaving the school grounds:
Children may not leave the school grounds without permission from the teacher or a written note from parents.


All children are encouraged to borrow books from the school library for recreational and study purposes. It is preferred the children have a book bag when conveying books to & from home. Books are expensive and a charge may be made when these are lost or wilfully damaged. Donations, for the acquisition of books, are much appreciated. 

Lost Property:
Lost property is kept in a container in the medical room. We display lost items to children at assembly times. It would be helpful if clothing was named. All unclaimed property is donated to a charity organisation at the end of each term.

As we do not have a bought lunch facility children need to bring there lunch from home. The children eat outdoors if it is fine, otherwise indoors. Children are expected to sit and eat their food, for a specified time before being allowed to play. We do try to ensure they eat what has been provided. Sweets and soft drink are discouraged for lunch boxes. Water is available throughout the school day for the children’s refreshment.  Teachers may arrange boost snack times, during learning sessions, as appropriate. The last Friday of each term the children are able to order Fish and Chips or Hotdog and Chips or Nuggets and Chips for their lunch at a cost of $5.

Money to school:
When money is sent to school for payment of trips, stationery etc. it is advisable it is placed in a sealed, named envelope. Please state clearly the reasons for payment. A receipt will be issued if requested. 

Pre Schoolers:
We delight in our pre schoolers being able to attend brief sessions before they take on full time school. Please contact the New Entrant teacher a term (ten weeks) before your child’s fifth birthday so visits can be arranged.  

Our PTA was formed in 1998. Meetings are generally held once a term and notification is given in the school newsletter. The committee is a very enthusiastic, valuable team within our school community and is responsible for organising social and fundraising activities. The PTA is a great way to keep an informed link with school happenings and the community.

Religious Instruction:
Religious instruction is provided for 30 minutes each week for year 4 – 6 pupils (Rooms 3 and 4). This instruction is linked to the New Zealand curriculum, with a strong emphasis on Values Education. Each year the Board of Trustees is required to give approval to those providing instruction and the content used. If you do not wish your child to participate in this programme please indicate in writing to the Principal who will make alternative arrangements for your child.  

Country Show Day:
This is a very important and enjoyable day in the school community’s calendar. It is an opportunity for the children to share the success of their animal rearing, produce growing and springtime craft -work. Exhibitions, stalls, fun activities and entertainment is all part of a valuable community get together. This is held in September. 

School Picnic:IMG_5257
The school picnic is very much a tradition of the school community, going back almost unbroken to the early 1930’s. It is normally held in February at Martins Bay. This is a wonderful day of swimming, beach games and a picnic atmosphere where families and school staff intermingle to set the scene for a positive year of learning for all.   

Reporting to Parents:
A wonderful advantage of a small rural school is that parents and teachers tend to have regular contact with each other. This can be useful in helping to inform you of your child’s progress in an informal way. However it is important that in depth times are set-aside for teachers and parents to discuss the students learning directions and progress.

During Term One (March) a Parent Information Evening is held. The format of the evening will be from 5.00pm to 6.00pm, we will all begin in the library where the Principal will speak to everyone and outline the school wide points of interests. After this, the parents will move to their child’s classroom where the classroom teacher will talk to all the parents about information that just concerns the classroom. There will also be opportunity for your child to show you their work. If you require a one to one interview with your child’s teacher then you can book a time to do so.

Later in Term one a parent / teacher interview is held so that teachers can share their initial thoughts and parents can discuss any concern they may have. This is an important discussion and lays the foundation for the rest of the year.

End of Term Two. A report is prepared for parents and a student portfolio of work is sent home. These are important documents and form the basis for discussion at our second parent meeting early in term three.

Term Three. Early in term three a parent teacher interview is held at which the mid year report is discussed, the child’s portfolio is reviewed and goals set for the remainder of the year.

Term Four (December) A comprehensive written report is provided outlining the year’s attainment and possible learning directions for the next year. A completed portfolio of the student’s achievements is sent home with the report for parent’s consideration. 

The school publishes a weekly newsletter that is distributed to all families. This is also posted on the school website. As well as basic organisational information the newsletter is an important way for the school to communicate its successes and directions. Individuals and community groups are welcome to use the newsletter as a vehicle to convey information. We welcome sponsorship for our newsletter and website which enables us to ensure their sustainability.

The Charter specifies the goals and objectives of the school and is a legal contract between the Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education.  A copy can be borrowed from the school office.

We are able to supply all basic stationery items the children will require.  Children are issued with stationery, as they need it. These items are listed and an account is sent out at the end of each term. Payment by cheque should be made out to Kaipara Flats School.

Special Needs & Abilities:
The school provides support for Special Needs by way of funded support programmes. Parents will be consulted in this respect and specific learning programmes will be developed. Children with noted talent will also be offered specific learning opportunities within the school programmes and through external programmes.

Swimming Pool:IMG_4616
Families are able to have access to the pool after school, weekends and holiday times. On receipt of a fee, a key will be provided. A contract for usage will be given and it is expected families will respect the value of this facility to the school community. Pool keys must be returned at the end of the swimming season.
Swimming and water safety are an integral part of the Physical Education programme. Children will be required to bring their swimming gear every day during the swimming season. We would appreciate, and will respect, notification of health reasons for which children may be excluded from swimming.     

Sports and Physical Education:
All children will be encouraged to participate in sporting activities. We are fortunate to be able to readily enlist parent assistance for some sports provided. A wide range of sports are available for children at Kaipara Flats, including rugby, netball, cricket, tennis, hockey, soccer and touch. Physical Education is an important facet of the curriculum so if for any reason your child is unable to participate, please send a note of explanation. We would also appreciate children wearing the designated school sports uniform when competing in school representative events. Sports shirts can be ordered at the office.
Sporting events on the year calendar:
February/March – Swimming at Mahurangi College
June – Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey
August/ September – Cross Country
October / November– Touch Rugby
December- Cricket, Athletics 

Sunsmart / Sunhats:
We actively promote a sunsmart policy at Kaipara Flats School. The school has sunshade areas and the children must wear hats when engaged in outside activities during Term 1 & 4. Classes have access to sunblock.  We ask parents to consider their responsibility in providing a school sunhat (which can be acquired at the office) and sensible clothing to suit the conditions.

Class and team photographs are taken every year. Every alternate year individual and family photos are offered.

Personal Possessions:
Children are discouraged from bringing toys, jewellery, electronic / card games etc. or any belongings that are irrelevant to teaching and learning or are not suitable in terms of safety in sport and play. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.

Computer Education: 
All children are offered the opportunity to learn skills and creative application in the use of computers and associated digital technology. We ask that when children enrol parents and students agree to a user contract. This will be provided with enrolment information. The school has a rigorous net-safe policy and guidelines in place. We trust parents will support the school’s teaching learning directions in this aspect to enable our children to have access to global learning opportunities.

Voluntary Donations:
Each year the Board of Trustees asks for voluntary donations to supplement the schools operational budget. These donations certainly help support and enhance the many aspects of the school curriculum and learning activities we are able to offer. The donation may be made at the beginning of the year or partly, on a term basis. Please contact the office to arrange a suitable donation arrangement.