Reporting to Parents

Reporting to Parents 2018-03-06T18:11:36+13:00

A wonderful advantage of a small rural school is that parents and teachers tend to have regular contact with each other. This can be useful in helping to inform you of your child’s progress in an informal way. However it is important that in depth times are set-aside for teachers and parents to discuss the students learning directions and progress.

Term One: Early in Term One a Parent Information Evening is held. The format of the evening will be from 5.00pm to 6.00pm, we will all begin in the library where the Principal will speak to everyone and outline the school wide points of interests. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and Chairperson from the PTA will share with the community their roles within school and their aspirations within these roles. 

IMG_4938After the initial meeting parents will be directed to their child’s classroom where the classroom teacher will talk to all the parents about information that just concerns the classroom. There will also be opportunity for your child to show you their work. If you require a one to one interview with your child’s teacher then you can book a time to do so.

Later in Term one a parent / teacher interview is held so that teachers can share their initial thoughts and  parents can discuss any concern they may have. This is an important discussion and lays the foundation for the rest of the year.

End of Term Two: A report about progress and achievement is prepared for parents . These are important documents and form the basis for discussion at our second parent meeting early in term three.

Term Three: Early in term three a parent teacher interview is held at which the mid year report is discussed and goals set for the remainder of the year.

Term Four: A comprehensive written report is provided outlining the year’s attainment and possible learning directions for the next year.