School Picnic at Martins Bay

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Our school picnic will be held next week on Wednesday 14th of February. beginning at 10.00am at Martins Bay. We will be finishing around 2.00pm. We hope all families are able to join us for the day. If you are bringing pre-schoolers please be aware that they are your responsibility to look after, both on land and in the water.

Children need to be taken directly to Martins Bay, which is located at the end of the road past Snells Beach. The school bus does not operate on school picnic day.

If your child/ren require transport to school or to the beach please contact the school by Monday 11th February.

We need parent help in the water while the children are swimming, so don’t forget your togs. We will need at least 15-20 parents to help supervise the children while they are swimming, if we don’t get that number then swimming will be restricted.

For the picnic the children will need lunch, water bottle, towel, togs, sunhat, sunscreen, a potato, dessert spoon, and spade.

We will be operating a House Competition on the day and if your child would like to wear house colours then that would add to the fun but it is not compulsory.

Any postponements will be made by 8.00am on the morning, if you are not sure check the website or ring the school.

Programme (times are approximate only)

10.00   Meet at the beach

10.30 Age Races: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10



Potato and spoon

Sack race

Mums and Dads race


11.30             Swim, parent help with supervision is needed (15/20 helpers in the water)

12.00             Lunch

12.30             Sand Sculptures

 1.30             Swim, parent help with supervision is needed (15/20 helpers in the water)

 2.00 Watermelons

Clean the beach and head for home

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Debbie Hamer


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